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From 1996 to 2004, Little Mountain Brass Band operated two band divisions:
  1. The Gold Band as the "regular" band.
  2. The Green Band as the "development" band.
A number of members practiced and played in both divisions. Currently, the Green Band has been put "on hiatus" until such time as the requirement for it re-emerges.

2017-2018 Gold Band

Music Director        
Jim Littleford
Eb Cornet
Genevieve Schwarzbach
Chris Ahern
Ross Bligh
Gene Chan
Timur Kalyuzhnyy
Horus Kan
Terry Lee
Paul Pedlar
Louise Rennie
Owen Rusticus
Lesley Scott
Leigh Smith
Brian G'froerer
Nicole Ticknor
Eb Horns
Gray Amphlett
Roxie Giles
Don Harder
Joni Joyner
Mac McManus
Dave Todd
Tom Angelus
Peter Thompson
Laurie Townsend
Brian Stride
Gary Tse
Ted Cragg
Hilary Crowther
Don Giles
Bob Meyer
Carmen Ochitwa
Art Price
Geoff Rowley
Starr Switzer
Albert Chan
Carrie Chapman
Christoph Schwarzbach
Angela Steele
Ken Kaneko

Little Mountain Brass Band has been happy to offer a temporary home for visitors from other countries looking for a brass band to play with while in Vancouver on a work visa or student visa. For example, visitors from Australia, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland have played with LMBB.

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