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Technical Notes

I originally "hand-coded" the LMBB web site in 1997, using rudimentary HTML. My preference was for a simple, text-oriented look with limited use of graphic devices. Subsequently, I usually made updates to the information with Microsoft FrontPage, for the sake of ease of use. During this period, the web site was hosted on no-cost web servers from Geocities/Yahoo (

In 2004, I created a web site on a commercial web hosting service for the Vancouver Area Brass Band Society, and moved the LMBB web site to a sub-domain of This presented the opportunity to freshen up the look of the LMBB web site, and to upgrade its underlying technology. Both the new VABBS and renovated LMBB web sites make use of PHP, HTML 4.01 and CSS.

2004 September

The web pages for the VABBS and LMBB web sites have been checked and passed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)'s CSS Validator and HTML 4.01 Validator.

Powered by PHP! Valid CSS! Valid HTML 4.01!

I tried a variety of HTML/web page editors - I found Microsoft FrontPage, PHPEdit, and Nvu to be among the most suitable for my way of working. The one I seem to have settled on, however, is PSPad, integrated with TopStyle Lite for CSS stylesheet editing and Abyss Web Server for testing the PHP, HTML and CSS together.

The bane of web site creators universally: even when web pages validate as "correct" HTML and CSS, different browsers and versions of browsers render them differently, relative to the intended result. I graded the browser tests against the renovated LMBB web pages with the following grades:

Opera 7.54 on Windows XP SP1A+
Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows XP SP1A-
Firefox 1.0PR on Windows XP SP1A+
Opera 6.05 on Windows 95A
Internet Explorer 5.5 on Windows 95A-

I used Draw Plus 4 to trace a picture of a cornet, and to draw the LMBB logo. I also used Draw Plus 4 to create the page header on the home page.

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